The 24 Best Fine Jewelry Stores of 2022

2022-12-17 12:34:21 By : Ms. Tina G

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With its inaccessible prices, technical terminology, and nebulous production practices, the world of fine jewelry is intimidating to step into and, for a generation that cares simultaneously about value, style, sustainability, and ethics, often a world that's avoided altogether.  Gold Jewelry Wholesale

The 24 Best Fine Jewelry Stores of 2022

Not too long ago, we wouldn't even have considered buying nice jewelry online. But with direct-to-consumer jewelry companies taking center stage, no middlemen or mark-ups mean that you can pay a palatable price that's closer to the true cost of making that beautiful gold necklace. Plus, high standards for sourcing and production quell any fears that your purchase sets other livelihoods or the environment back. 

These online jewelry companies will help you make the decision without overcharging you in the process. 

Shop all jewelry at Noémie.

Noémie specializes in both timeless designs and custom pieces that feature conflict-free stones. While you can find classic tennis bracelets and playful diamond studs, we think its custom design option offers exceptional value. You simply describe your dream piece and budget, and the designers at Noémie pull together original designs for you to choose from. Our editor recently used the service to make a custom wedding band to fit around a tear-shaped engagement ring and loved being part of the design process. For truly one-of-a-kind pieces, Noémie is worth checking out.

Shop all jewelry at Awe Inspired.

Awe Inspired makes some of the most unique and meaningful pieces we've found, and is beloved by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, and Meghan Markle. Awe's signature line is its collection of goddess-inspired necklaces ranging from mythical goddesses like Athena, the Greek goddess of heroic endeavor, to real-life "goddesses" such as Harriet Tubman. If you don't know which goddess suits you best, Awe has a quiz you can take. And while the goddess collection offers plenty of swoon-worthy pieces, it's just the tip of Awe's offerings — you'll also find meaningful pieces inspired by amulets, affirmations, the zodiac, and more. Not only do all the pieces feel unique and personalized, but they're surprisingly affordable, with most necklaces coming in at under $200. 

Shop all jewelry at Dorsey.

If you've ever admired the sparkling diamond necklaces worn by celebs on the red carpet but felt like the look was entirely out of reach, then consider Dorsey. The jewelry brand makes statement pieces that would fit right in at an awards show, yet because they're mostly made from lab-grown white sapphires and plated sterling silver, the prices average around $200-$500.

Dorsey also has the option to splurge on lab-grown diamonds that fall in the $2,500-$4,500 range – not quite spare change, but still far less than red carpet jewels that regularly run $1 million or more. The brand's signature collar necklaces and tennis bracelets are standouts you can wear with everything from a T-shirt to an evening gown.

Shop all jewelry at Studs.

When earrings are all you're after, Studs has a wide assortment to create your perfect earscape. It's here you'll find hoops of all sizes, simple studs, and huggies with cute charms that range from cowboy boots to lava lamps. What they all have in common is a dainty size and aesthetic that makes them easy to layer on your lobes. (If you're looking for large statement earrings, your time is best spent elsewhere) And if you need another piercing to accommodate your new pieces, Studs can help you with that, too, at one of its physical locations. 14-karat gold plating keeps the prices low, with starting prices at $14 for a single earring. Read our full review of Studs.

Shop all jewelry at Ring Concierge.

Don't let the name fool you — in addition to the gorgeous custom engagement rings you'll spot on its Instagram page, Ring Concierge has a full line of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to own and wear for a lifetime. As true fine jewelry pieces, RC requires a larger budget than many brands on this list, but if you're looking to splurge on a tennis bracelet or a simple diamond stacking ring, you can find it for lower markups than many big-name jewelers. Many of the top sellers fall under $1000, including stacking rings and diamond ear cuffs for less than $200 that are a perfect entry point to building your collection. 

Shop all jewelry at Montserrat.

For everyday pieces that still make a statement, Montserrat has a collection of both elegant and playful designs, from enameled fruit necklaces to bejeweled statement chokers. The vast majority of the pieces are under $200, but you'll find some larger statement pieces creep up over $500. Montserrat is the place to shop for statement-making pieces that are still dainty enough to layer with other pieces you own.

Shop all jewelry at Italic.

Italic is an online retailer where you can find clothing, handbags, home goods, and more that are made in the same factories as designers like Miu Miu and Prada — just without the label and for a fraction of the price. Recently, it added fine jewelry to the mix. You can now pick up timeless additions like diamond necklaces and solid gold huggie hoops for as little as $225 and $150, respectively. For more info on how Italic works, read our full review. 

Shop all jewelry at Page Sargisson.

Brooklyn-based designer Page Sargisson makes custom pieces that run well into the thousands, but you'll also find plenty of more affordable options as part of the 10kt & silver collection. Everything is made by hand out of solid gold or sterling silver and includes pieces like an opal-studded evil eye necklace ($575) and tiny stud earrings ($32).

Shop all jewelry at Catbird.

The 24 Best Fine Jewelry Stores of 2022

Bridal Jewelry Set Known for its delicate rings and transparent sourcing, Catbird is the epitome of cool jewelry. At Catbird you can find delicate $44 rings alongside sparkly $14,100 engagement rings. It's fully transparent about the source of its materials and donates 1% of all sales to non-profits including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. In addition to jewelry that's crafted in-house, Catbird is home to other designers and beauty and home goods. Catbird is also famous for its "permanent bracelets," which you have to go into the store to have welded onto your wrist.