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2022-09-17 13:56:02 By : Mr. Shanghai Yiguang

The brave sport loving school girl was out playing with a friend when she was knocked down by careless yobs on a motorbike who hit the ten year old before racing away.

The mum of a West Lothian schoolgirl says her daughter is still unable to walk one month after she was mowed down by a motorbike.

Ten-year-old Emily McGregor has completely lost her sense of independence and spends most the time in a wheelchair going into hospital every fortnight to try to repair a complicated break in her leg.

The horrific incident took place on Saturday August 6 at 7.40pm when Emily was walking between Logan Way and Morrison Way in Knightsbridge and was approached by two suspects on a motorcycle.

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The sport loving school girl was out playing with a friend when she was knocked down by the careless pair who fled the scene and have still not been caught for the despicable act.

Ten-year-old Emily has since returned to school but cannot make food, shower or go out and play with her friends and the impact on her mental health is devastating. She is having a new cast positioned in a different way, put on every two weeks to try and correct the broken bones and cannot put weight on it.

The school girl ,who once loved to play football and run outside with friends, can barely limp now because the leg is so delicate and uses a wheelchair most of the time. Doctors have said they don't think she will walk properly again.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live mum Laura McGregor said: "This is Emily's fourth cast and she will be back in hospital in another fortnight.

"They need to keep positioning her leg in different ways as the fibula bone at the back of her shin won't heal and they're worried if they take the cast off and she falls back it'll just snap again so she's still mostly in a wheelchair."

She explained: "She's still not able to bare any weight on it either and still no one has been caught. She's struggling a lot being so co-dependent when she's so used to going out and cooking certain things for herself and showering.

'Her whole privacy is invaded and she needs help all the time. Mobility wise the doctors don't think she'll walk properly again, at the very minimum a limp. She may need pins put in if this cast doesn't align her bones up."

The mum added: "It's close to six weeks and we are still no further forward as to who done this. I don't think we ever will know but it brings me somewhat comfort to know the community stands together and hopefully there are less bikes or less careless owners actually on bikes riding on the path or road. Thanks again everyone for showing support."

Emily's gran is devastated over the incident and the impact on the family, she said: "Emily is taking it one day at a time but it’s so hard for her being confined to what she can do also mentally she is frightened to go out incase it happens again.

Adding: "I am angry that someone could leave my granddaughter lying in a heap and couldn’t phone for help or stay with her she was petrified.

"Someone knows who it was and i’m sure they would feel the same if it happened to one of their family so hopefully if we keep it posted and in peoples mind they might come forward thanks to everyone for all the support they have given us through this hard time."

The shocking incident has touched everyone in the close knit community who are horrified about what happened.

Mikky Rennie said: "What a flipping shame! These bikes are a menace all over West Lothian! The police need to get their act together before something worse happens. It's only a matter of time!"

Shirley Mclean said: "Terrible and it's shocking that no one has been caught for this. Sending get well wishes to Emily."

While Martha Richards added: "Poor wee soul hope they get the little rats."

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Police Scotland have still not arrested anyone over the incident. At the time Inspector Kylie Barnard, of Livingston Police Station, said: “The victim and her family have been left shaken by this incident and we are appealing for information to trace those responsible.

“We are also keen to hear from anyone with private CCTV or dashcam footage.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident should contact Police Scotland on 101 quoting incident number 3223 of 6 August. Alternatively, a call can be made anonymously to the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed enquiries are ongoing.

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