10 tons of seafood ice water liquid slurry ice machine

Easy install ICESTA slurry ice generatorSlurry ice application fields: · Aquatic products processing· Meat processing· Fishery industry· Vegetable preservation· Supermarket or other commercial usage· Cold storage project· Temperature reduction project Advantages:·

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Easy install ICESTA slurry ice generator

Slurry ice application fields: 

· Aquatic products processing
· Meat processing
· Fishery industry
· Vegetable preservation
· Supermarket or other commercial usage
· Cold storage project
· Temperature reduction project


· Compared with solid ice, slurry ice requires less energy, space and cost. Usually, for 6-14.5kg ice, 1 KWH electricity is required, while slurry ice machine can produce 21kg ice. 
· Slurry ice has the best cooling efficiency. 100% of its surface cooling area can be utilized. Compared with the mixture of flake ice and water, slurry ice demand less ice crystal.
· Slurry ice is extremely suitable for pump delivery through hoses or pipes and easy to store and use. 
· Slurry ice can fully wrap the target products. Therefore, there is no air sink between the products and the slurry ice, maximize the contact and heat transmission surface. Absorb heat better, faster and more efficiently. 
· Slurry ice is soft without sharp edge. No damage to the surface of target products

10 Ton Ice Water Liquid Slurry Ice Machine for Seafood
10 Ton Ice Water Liquid Slurry Ice Machine for Seafood
10 Ton Ice Water Liquid Slurry Ice Machine for Seafood
10 Ton Ice Water Liquid Slurry Ice Machine for Seafood

Technical Information:
1,585 - 4,000 litres/hour of 10-40% slurry ice.
The slurry ice is made with sea water and only requires 2.5-3% salt.
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10 Ton Ice Water Liquid Slurry Ice Machine for Seafood

Shenzhen Brother Ice systems Co., Ltd (ICESTA for short) found in 2007, it has been rising to fame rapidly in the past few years in the refrigeration & ice making industry. The brand name ICESTA has been recognized as a byword for quality products and superb services.
For many years, ICESTA is devoted to design, manufacture and sale of highly energy efficient flake ice machines, tube ice machines, block ice machines, domestic ice makers and Containerized ice plant with automatic ice storage system and ice handling systems. In the meantime, we are dedicated to providing turnkey ice application solutions for large industrial projects. 
All ICESTA equipments were certified by CE safety standards, ranges daily capacity from 500KG to 100T, had been widely used in chain supermarkets, bars and hotels, aquatic and meat processing factories, poultry slaughtering, leather-production, chemical dyeing, mining, concrete cooling, ocean-going fishing, artificial skiing. 
Innovation is the most distinguished symbol of ICESTA, In the past few years, ICESTA has obtained several important patents. And the Touch Screen Intelligent Control System was the first ever system in China which have made ice making industry in China intelligent and digitized.
Our main products include: brine water ice block machine from 1 ton to 100 tons daily production, large edible ice cube machine, slurry ice machine,commercial ice maker, tube ice machine, plate ice machine, fresh water flake ice machine, sea/salt water flake ice machine, direct cooling ice block machine, automatic conveying system, cold room, low temperature water chiller, automatic packing system, and other series of ice making equipments.
1. We has passed ISO9001,CE,SGS and some other certificates.
2. We provide wholehearted pre-sales and aftersales service.
3. Our ice machines are easy to install and transport. If you need, we will send our engineers to your places to help you install machines and teach you to use our machines.
4. Our machines are already sold to more than 100 countries and places.
5. We use good quality and high precision accessory to ensure our ice machine's high performance and longer lifespan.
6.Our ice scaper are made of stainless steel and formed without weld. Even long-time scraping, the scrapper still keep obdurability.  
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10 Ton Ice Water Liquid Slurry Ice Machine for Seafood

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